Saturday, March 28, 2009

: time warp: an uncalculated bohemian loft party :

There is actually an unfinished loft that remains in Brooklyn. They have a piano and lots of space for people to listen to music and not spend sixty dollars on a casual night out. They also had cupcakes, probably because it was this gentleman's birthday.

I wish "house parties" like this happened more in New York, but barely anyone has space or time to clean up after losers like us who left our beer bottles around (it was crowded in there!).

Believe it or not, I actually heard some people complaining about the party -- wha?

Anyway, many great outfits in there, but it was so crowded that photos were hard to get. I especially loved this young woman's ensemble . . . these sibling colors are getting along with no rivalry, and her hat -- so early 90s inner city girl, worn very well. It reminds me of the band ESG, even though I have no idea what they looked like. Somehow I imagine them in hats like this.


Kathleen Gionis said...

Hmmm. Well, Nuevo Yorke. These outfits are very modern. Avent garde I guess you would say. or "I don't have any money,so here I am". Maybe that is avant guard. I will check it out when I am there.

t.jiggy said...

i think that's my favorite comment of mom's so far, all blogs included...
i was thinking i could borrow that quote today when i arrive at work: "i don't have any money, so here i am."

fashion skool said...

yeah, that's my new motto actually