Monday, December 15, 2008

: Feliz Navidad :
Watch this. It's one of the most inappropriately funny things you'll ever see, I promise.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

: L train . 4:59am . man in a monster suit :
it was a strange night . . .

: sweet tooth of the small dog :
at La Suprette
Animals as fashion accessories: in theory the concept is tired or was never awake at all. But this dog was eating the attention like a Sweet Tooth cupcake.

La Suprette is a sale of artist-made goodies and treats from Sweet Tooth of the Tiger just in time for the gift-giving season.
The fun continues today: Sunday 12.14.08 till 6pm
159 John Street [at Front St.]

Thursday, December 11, 2008

: knock knock :

Sunday, December 07, 2008

: biblioball :
a gala for librarians and friends of books

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

: when you can't find flattering glasses . . . :
get funny ones.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

: Royal Oak, Union Pool & a Moral at the end :
Sequins and a Davey Crockett hat. I guess a girl can get away with stealing random clothes out of a consignment shop on the Upper East Side, putting it all on at once, and working the crazyforeignhipster vibe.

And there she goes . . . off to make her signature caviar-coon stew with plenty of champagne. And to round things out: a rifle show for entertainment.
Seriously though: love it.

This guy was gettin' down -- literally -- with some Tai Chi inspired moves. Plus his Nabob Shineywater // Brightblack Morning Light look equals the very definition of hipness.

These gentlemen were overheard saying (in reference to the dance-stylings of Nabob's doppleganger): "See. That's what happens when you wear those tight pants -- it cuts off circulation to your brain." Well . . . different strokes for different folks, I guess.

this kind of color coordination can go awry in the wrong hands but here is well done -- a fashion semi-professional no doubt . . .

And finally, a fashion don't: This girl looks great, but was caught budging in line for the bathrooms at Union Pool. Be warned: Union Pool has a bathroom gaurd. He is watching. He will intercept you and make you wait even longer to go to the bathroom.
Your cute haircut will not get you out of this. Neither will your big mouth. The whole thing was hilarious. And more evidence that most American adults are just children in disguise. But worse -- they are free to indulge themselves in (usually) unchecked instant gratification.

This moment was just so symbolic of why everything is a massive mess in our world right now: immature, selfish, "grown-ups" who never really thought about what it means to be a steward of society. Now if we could just get a hall monitor for Wall Street, not to mention the effing Pentagon, White House . . . .

Saturday, November 15, 2008

: public art or random scene? :
whatever you call it, hopefully these pictures lift your spirits a little on this rainy day. I think this might be banksy . . . Anyone know?

apartment dialogue! I love the notes people leave (or correct) for one another when crammed in a small building . . .

I wasn't sure why I took a photo of this abandoned slice of pizza until my friend remarked, "Something about pepperoni pizza is so '80s."
It's true. Couldn't this be the opening shot of a scene from Sixteen Candles or Pretty in Pink?
: Remember Halloween? :
You had so much fun and you said you wished Halloween was every weekend. So here's a little reminder. . .

Thursday, October 30, 2008

: pretties and parties :

Sunday, October 26, 2008

: sweet teeth and dress-up games at the fred flare opening :
Sweet Tooth of the Tiger set up shop for a Bake Sale -- minus the Sale (treats compliments of fred flare!) so I guess it was just a Bake. Meanwhile, their trusty sidekick doled out champagne and beer. Horray!

Playing dress up in a store -- always fun. Note: sweet earrings from indie earring designer Kula ( I love them!

Cupcake hat!

Nevermind the tu-tu -- check out that rock! That's right, I took all my student loan money out of the bank to invest in something that can't hyperinflate. Plus, it's always fun to be engaged to yourself . . . alright, I'm kidding of course. Geez, I hope you knew that -- I'd never buy a diamond!

The competition -- luckily, a peace treaty was formed. I would've hated to see the Tiger unleashed.