Sunday, October 26, 2008

: sweet teeth and dress-up games at the fred flare opening :
Sweet Tooth of the Tiger set up shop for a Bake Sale -- minus the Sale (treats compliments of fred flare!) so I guess it was just a Bake. Meanwhile, their trusty sidekick doled out champagne and beer. Horray!

Playing dress up in a store -- always fun. Note: sweet earrings from indie earring designer Kula ( I love them!

Cupcake hat!

Nevermind the tu-tu -- check out that rock! That's right, I took all my student loan money out of the bank to invest in something that can't hyperinflate. Plus, it's always fun to be engaged to yourself . . . alright, I'm kidding of course. Geez, I hope you knew that -- I'd never buy a diamond!

The competition -- luckily, a peace treaty was formed. I would've hated to see the Tiger unleashed.

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