Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rebels with a Cause

OK, who wants the internet to be more like TV, where money makes the decisions about who makes noise and what gets seen while the crazy, subversive feedback is relegated to late-night spots on cable (I'm thinking TV Party, not Wayne's World)?

If you couldn't guess who, I'll tell you: the internet profiteers, namely Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon. Why? Cuz they're going to be swimming in the green stuff once they get the FCC to act in their favor -- and let's just say that kind of move wouldn't be unprecedented.

Fortunately, our friends in the House of Congress are trying to pass a bill protecting net neutrality. You can help (it's easy!) by sending a virtual letter to your designated congressional representative.

Don't say you don't know who your representative is: if you go to Save the Internet, it'll figure it out for you, and fast. Yup, the magic website sends a message and tells you who it's getting sent to.

Tip: once you find out, memorize the name of your rep. That way, when you're debating your right-wing father about this or another issue, he can't write you off because you don't even know who's making decisions on your behalf.

Another tip: you should always know who's making decisions on your behalf, especially if you don't agree with their overall moral stance. If you consider yourself an anarchist or a revolutionary, the need to know this stuff doubles. You need to be aware of who you're up against. Besides, no one respects a lazy rebel -- but if people can tell you know what you're speaking about, it's easier to change their minds.

Good Luck.

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