Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Welcome to Amerika :
land of the free woman

How these girls got Scary-Terry(Richardson)'s cock and balls into their mouths without throwing up is a mystery. First of all, he's gross and ugly and second, he has no class. Really, these girls could do way better than TR. Although they do look a little drugged up, don't they?

Then again, maybe it's just the way their eyes are straining to look in the direction of the camera. It's creepy. You can just imagine someone directing their every move: "Okay ladies, now that you're sucking his dick, look towards the camera and give the peace symbol. . . perfect. . ." Clearly, these girls are just doing as they're told. Makes you wonder why women even have brains -- I guess so we can follow directions better.

This generation of women was the first to grow up thinking that they could achieve anything. Work in any profession, be equals with men -- or just give head and hand jobs like a good old fashioned prostitute. And while TR gets rich & famous, what are these youth with promising futures getting?
Herpes, probably.

Why would a young, hot woman do this? Clearly she relies on men (and whoever else she imagines will be looking at these photos) to establish her worth.
That's sad. Like almost all women in this country, she's been brainwashed to believe that she is not beautiful or important unless she is represented in the mass media machine. And apparently she thinks making herself sexually submissive is the only way to get there.

TR probably convinces girls to do this sort of thing partly by saying these images are subversive -- as in, they're radical because they wouldn't be accepted by the mainstream media and they'll cause a big controversy. But in this society, giving a man head is never the best way to undermine authority. No one's saying there's no place for it -- in a mutually pleasurable (or profitable) exchange, there certainly is. But allowing a man to profit off the image of your pretty mouth around his cock is never going to be subversive. Ladies: time to start thinking for yourselves.

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