Sunday, April 13, 2008

: rhythm city :

So a friend and I are milling around Long Island City, trying to find some interesting backdrops for a video project he's doing. There's this cool building on Jackson covered in graffiti (the back of it is even better, which you can see really well from the 7 if you go a few stops into Queens). We're walking around it, and all the sudden these rad kids start streaming out from behind.
They're part of a dance crew called Rhythm City. It's a non-profit organization, and the kids are clearly putting a lot of time and energy into the shows. They look good, but they were also natural performers -- happy to pose for a complete stranger on a side-street.
Definitely the kind of thing that makes New York a magical place to be.


jason said...

That's pretty awesome. I love when things like that happen. So unexpected that a parade of awesomeness, just pops out from around the corner! Hope all is well, bud. Easy.

Jason from increase-decrease

Anonymous said...

good one. kick ass photos. including the little orange marshmallow thing. i wish i had been there. oh wait, i was. good one, me. i'll tell jesse's girlfriend she's up on your site also...