Tuesday, June 10, 2008

: Scandia, MN :

If Jeff Koons were from Minnesota, I'm sure this is what at least one of his art projects would look like. You can do it yourself in a couple of easy steps:
1. The next time your lawn mower calls it quits in the middle of the yard don't fix it.
2. Climb off -- even if all the machine needs is a little gas, just leave it right there. This is a simple but vital task: do not move the mower.
3. Borrow a lawn mower from a friend, and mow around the retired machine.
4. Reward yourself with a beer, a brandy-water, or both. Enjoy them while you read up on conceptual art, because in a few weeks you'll have your very own lawn installation worthy of MoMA, the Whitney, or my personal favorite, PS1.

This is the artist in his studio, visualizing his next project.

Here we have some of the artist's progeny, one of whom has made her own site specific piece (see below).
Untitled (Fairy Vase), 2008
materials: pine cone and wildflowers


Urban Bella said...

I love love love it! Everything.

Anonymous said...

Suz, it's Leesh. For all the reasons shown here, I miss Wisco (who knew lawnmower "art" would be so ahead of its time)... and you.