Saturday, January 19, 2008

hobo chic

Whether boho was really over or someone at Harper's Bazaar just f***ed up a memo, it's easy to see that the kids are rockin it hobo style. Finally we can have some fun. All the rules you ever learned about clashing have been thrown out the window, landed on their heads, and are now roaming mall corridors like zombies.

Pair an overtly "ethnic" print with office attire, and mix in a trend that died a decade ago but you secretly never got over. If you look in the mirror and think I couldn't possibly go out like this, then you have it just right. Don't change anything -- unless you're going to add a belt for the finishing touch, because waistlines are back. And yes, wear the belt over a dress, blazer or whatever -- it doesn't have to hold your pants up. I've even seen a couple of guys pull this off. Like I said, no rules. If someone asks, "Does that belt have a function?" (as if that's the only fashion sin you're committing) smile mischievously and say, "Yes, it defines my waist. Isn't it doing a great job?"

The best part about hobo chic is that even the picked-over thrift stores still have this stuff in them -- these items were abandoned long ago by anyone with a glimmer of style. So rescue the cloth orphans, get experimental, and remember this quote from designer Christian Lacroix: "very often the most exciting outfits are from the poorest people" (from Vogue, April 1994).

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