Wednesday, January 23, 2008

too cool for school:
Washington Square Park / NYU

And she wants you to know: the beaver fur was sustainably trapped by a wild Minnesota man. Now, before you go thinking about little beaver babies wondering what happened to their dad, imagine this Paul Bunyan character in the woods, eating beaver stew all winter. This guy gave PETA the bird a long time ago, and with good reason: rather than shipping highly processed soy products (wrapped in toxic, non-biodegradable plastic) from a thousand miles away, he catches a few wild mammals, eats them, and makes warm mittens out of their fur. Very little waste, and all biodegradable. Call me old fashioned, but a favor to nature is a favor to beavers everywhere. Those Minnesotans know what's up.


sandy said...

those are my friends! those are my friends! wheeeee
aren't those boys sooooo dreamy?

Anonymous said...

sooo hunky. such dreamboats.